Like Geochemistry, Hydrogeology, Public Policy, Remote Sensing, Water Quality

CLIENT : U.S. and Colorado State governments

TASK : Design, management, and implementation of hydrogeological / geochemical studies.

DATE : 1972 - 1978

U.S. Geological Survey Water Resources Division; responsible for the design, management, and implementation of the following hydrogeological / geochemical studies.

Project documentation and supporting articles

Metal-Mine Drainage – Colorado. Study of impacts of mining activities (metals, uranium, coal) on the quality of streams in all major Colorado mining districts.

Moran, R.E. 1974. Trace element content of a stream affected by metal-mine drainage, Bonanza, Colorado. University of Texas at Austin. Ph.D. dissertation. 168 pp.

Moran, R.E. and D.A. Wentz, 1974. Effects of metal-mine drainage on water quality in selected areas of Colorado, 1972-1973. Colorado Water Conservation Board. Water Resources Circular No. 25, 250 pp.

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Moran, R.E. and D.A. Wentz, 1974. Thermodynamic constraints on Metal Solubilities in a stream affected by mine drainage, Bonanza, Colorado. pp. 54-64,in Water Resources Problems Related to Mining. Hadley, R.F. and D.T. Snow (eds.). American Water Resources Association. Minneapolis, Minnesota. 236 pp.

Moran, R.E. and D.A. Wentz, 1974. Trace element content of a stream affected by metal-mine drainage, Bonanza, Colorado pp. 84-91 IN: International Symposium on Water-Rock Interaction Proc. Cadek, J. and T. Paces (eds.). Prague, Czechoslovakia. September 9-19, 1974. Geological Survey, Prague. 464 pp.

Selenium in Groundwater – Golden, Colorado. Hydrogeological / geochemical investigation of selenium, uranium and associated constituents at the margins of the Rocky Flats nuclear plant.

Moran, R.E., 1976. Geochemistry of Selenium in Groundwater near Golden, Jefferson County, Colorado. Abstracts with Programs, Geological Society of America. 1976 Annual Meeting. November 8-11, 1976. 8(6):1018.

Geothermal Resources – Colorado. Reconnaissance investigation of potential geothermal resources throughout Colorado.

Underground Coal Mine Water Quality – Colorado. Evaluation of existing and potential water quality problems from underground coal mines.

In Situ Uranium Leaching – Grover, Colorado. Study of geochemical and hydrologic processes associated with in situ uranium mining and reinjection of waste products.

Alluvial Metal Transport – Telluride, Colorado. Investigation of metal (especially chromium) movement from tailings ponds into alluvium.

Southwest Colorado Groundwater – Colorado. Study to determine availability and quality of groundwater in southwestern Colorado.

Oil Shale Waters – Piceance Basin Colorado. Evaluation of disposal of saline groundwater discharged to the surface during oil shale development.

Grace Coal Site – Axial Basin, Colorado. Hydrogeological / water quality study of proposed open-pit coal site.