1 Geochemistry, Hydrogeology, Public Policy, Remote Sensing, Training, Water Exploration, Water Quality

CLIENT : Sultanate of Oman / Tetra Tech International

TASK : Planning and design of groundwater projects, development of water resources policy, and hydrogeological field work for the Omani government.

DATE : 1979 - 1980

The Water Resources Council was an inter-ministerial body intended to coordinate all water-related activities within the Sultanate. Duties involved planning and design of surface and groundwater projects (both exploration and utilization) for the Omani government; development of water resources policy for the government; hydrogeological field work on both exploration and resource characterization projects - aquifer testing, borehole geophysics, water quality sampling, hydrogeologic mapping; review of work performed (or planned) by other consultants to the government, published reports on water resources of Oman.

Project documentation and supporting articles

Moran, R.E. 1979. Available and Potential Water Resources of Oman. Submitted to Water Resources Council, Sultanate of Oman.