1 Geochemistry, Hydrogeology, Mining, Water Quality

CLIENT : Asociation de Organismos No Gubernamentales, Honduras

TASK : Review of water and environmental issues

DATE : 2001 - 2002

Independent review of water / environmental issues at San Andres mine; funded by Dan Church Aid (Danish government and NGOs) and Christian Aid (English NGO)

Project Documentation and Supporting Articles

Moran, Robert E., May 2002, What’s the Big Secret? Observations and Comments on San Andrés Mine and Mining Regulation in Honduras [also in Spanish as: Cuál es el Gran Secreto?]. Report prepared for the Development Commission of the Department of Copán and the Association of Non-Governmental Organizations, Santa Rosa de Copán, Honduras. [Prepared with funds from Dan Church Aid (Denmark) and Christian Aid (U.K.)]