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TASK : Technical Documents

DATE : 1998 - 2002

Because I noticed so many technical inconsistencies and half-truths in industry documents regarding applied cyanide chemistry, I prepared several papers discussing these topics based on literature reviews and discussions with academic and industry experts between 1998 and 2002. One of my early sources of cyanide data was the Madison Mine, Fredericktown, Missouri - one of the largest commercial users of cyanide in North America in the 1950s-60s.

Project Documentation and Supporting Articles

Moran, Robert E., 1998, Cyanide Uncertainties—Observations on the Chemistry, Toxicity, and Analysis of Cyanide in Mining-Related Waters: Mineral Policy Center Issue Paper No.1, 16 pg., Wash., D.C.
Moran, Robert E., 2000, Cyanide in Mining: Some Observations on the Chemistry, Toxicity and Analysis of Mining-Related Waters: in Proc. Central Asia Ecology—99, Lake Issyk Kul, Kyrgyzstan, June,1999. (El Cianuro en La Minería: Algunas Observaciones Sobre La Química, Toxicidad y Análisis De Las Aguas Asociadas con La Minería)

Moran, R.E., 2001, More Cyanide Uncertainties: Lessons from the Baia Mare, Romania, Spill---Water Quality and Politics. Mineral Policy Center Issue Paper No. 3, Wash. D.C., 15 pgs.

Moran, Robert E., 2002, De-coding Cyanide. A Submission to the European Union and the United Nations Environment Programme: Sponsored by Hellenic Mining Watch, Ecotopia, CEE Bankwatch, FOE Europe, FOE Hungary, FOE Czech Republic, Food First Information and Action Network, Minewatch UK, and Mineral Policy Center, 25 pg.